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The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians: A Remarkable Journey

Southbank Centre, London

Image credit: Damon Albarn onstage at The Roundhouse London, 2010, with members of The Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music © Mark Allan

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A Remarkable Journey: Reuniting The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians

How do you reunite an orchestra separated by war? Can music bridge such a great divide?

This is your chance to hear the story behind the remarkable reunion of the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians. The orchestra reunited players from both sides of the conflict to perform together for the first time since the country’s civil war began. Bringing back together musicians who are now displaced around the world, this celebration of Syria’s rich culture and music came together against all odds.

The speakers are Ian Birrell, foreign journalist of the year and founder of Africa Express; Tarek Zaidieh, violinist for the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians; Mirna Kassis, choir singer for the Orchestra of Syrian Musician; Eslam Jawaad, Lebanese-Syrian rapper and collaborator with Africa Express; Jenny Waldman, Director of 14-18 NOW; and Regina Catrambone, founder of MOAS (migrant off-shore aid station), that to date has saved over 12,000 migrant lives at sea.

The discussion is chaired by award-winning author and BBC foreign correspondent, Fergal Keane.

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