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Trusts & Foundations

So much of our extraordinary programme has happened due to the generosity of trusts and foundations. Our programme is designed to achieve artistic excellence, to develop skills for those previously involved and new to the arts, and to bring communities together whilst exploring their shared heritage. We are creating new artistic works which can be appreciated for years to come.

Our participative projects LIGHTS OUT and LETTER TO AN UNKNOWN SOLDIER brought millions of young people together, inspiring people from all backgrounds across the UK. Projects such as the Poppies Tour and we’re here because we’re here have the potential to transform how different generations view the First World War, their personal heritage and art. However, we urgently need your support to help make these projects happen.

Reaching and involving young people and marginalised groups through engaging opportunities for learning, 14-18 NOW offers your trust or foundation an opportunity to be part of an historic commemoration, making a lasting difference to people’s lives.

I am so pleased that my Foundation has been able to step in to purchase part of the Poppies installation for the nation. We are delighted to be sharing support with the Backstage Trust, so that many more people can experience this exceptional and much-loved artwork and monument. I am also very glad to know that both will be part of the permanent collection at the Imperial War Museum after 2018.

Dame Vivien Duffield, DBE, Clore Duffield Foundation

To find out how you and your organisation can help us do more, please contact:

Morag Small

Morag Small

Head of Development
Alice Boff

Alice Boff

Senior Development Manager

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