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Susan Claffey for My grandad John Edward Fairclough 4/12/1894

Dedicated to My Grandad John Edward Fairclough 4/12/1894

by Susan Claffey

It is highly likely that John my grandad took part in the Battle of the Somme as he was in the Lancashire Fusiliers. [ The emblem on his cap in the photograph shows this.] Sam Fairclough my nephew while reseaching our family tree found out from my dad that his father was also attatched to the Manchester and Lancashire regiments. It seems that it was common to be moved around to different regiments. All three regiments were involved in the Somme. John was gassed, possibly in the Somme. According to my dad his father’s regiment the Lancashire Fusiliiers were also involved in the Dardanelles campaign in Turkey and a played a major role in the Lancashire Landings in Galipoli.
I am sorry that I did not get to know more about my grandad Fairclough. My dad did tell me that he stuggled to get work when he returned from war.