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Ricky Boleto for Horace, the 14-year-old soldier

Dedicated to Horace, The 14-year-old Soldier

by Ricky Boleto

I want to remember all the young people who lost their lives during the Great War. Horace Isles was an ordinary teenager who decided to do something extraordinary. The 14-year-joined the army by lying about his age. He was one of thousands of underage soldiers who signed up thinking it would be an adventure. Sadly, what was waiting for them on the battlefields was anything but.

Horace had to convince the recruitment officer that he was 18-years-old, but back then it was very difficult to prove your age and the army needed men. Last year I travelled to France to follow in Horace’s footsteps. The teenager would have been excited, nervous and terrified all at the same time. While he was on the battlefield, his sister sent him a letter begging for him to come home, but Horace never received it. He died along with 20,000 other men on the first day of the bloodiest battle of the war.