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Professor Christine Hallett for Alice Fitzgerald

Dedicated to Alice Fitzgerald

by Professor Christine Hallett

As a nurse historian, I want to remember the work of Alice Fitzgerald, an American nurse who volunteered in 1916 to go to Europe and to work with the British Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service. Alice, a highly qualified nurse, was 39 when she sailed to France. She was very brave: she knew that, by travelling across the Atlantic to serve with the British, she would be putting her own life in danger. Alice worked in a casualty clearing station called ‘Grovetown’ at Meaulte, about 5 miles from the front lines during the Somme Campaign. In October and November 1916, her hospital came under repeated shellfire and she became ill with influenza and shell shock. She remained at her post until relieved at the end of the year, spending two weeks in London before returning to France.