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Gil Fewings for Private James Gleadall – representing all of the students of our two founder colleges – St Marks Chelsea and St Johns Battersea – who served in WW1

Dedicated to Private James Gleadall - Representing All Of The Students Of Our Two Founder Colleges - St Marks Chelsea And St Johns Battersea - Who Served In WW1

by Gil Fewings

Organisation: University of St Mark and St John Plymouth

“A good musician, a thorough sportsman and a splendid fellow…”
Private James Gleadall was just one of our former students who ended his brief life at the Battle of the Somme.
Our two founder colleges – St Mark’s in Chelsea and St John’s in Battersea – sent over 1,100 students to serve in WW1. Some came back profoundly affected – some never came back at all. They were not professional soldiers but young men who had planned a very different future. They were student teachers who had chosen a life of learning and enlightenment, who were called to put down their books and take up arms.
They are commemorated today on our war memorial, but once were mourned by friends and families and loved ones.
Never let us forget that they were once so much more than ‘names on the wall…’