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A crowd-sourced tribute to thousands of people connected to the Battle of the Somme

Daryl Walker for Mike Lally

Dedicated to Mike Lally

by Daryl Walker

Stood in the poppy field where he fought exactly 80 years earlier, he said “I never thought
I’d live this long to be here today. I’ll tell you a secret – I never worry. After the war I have
never worried about a thing. It was hell here. I was here to do a job and the Germans
were doing theirs. I never hated them. Everybody is some mother’s son.”

He was right in what he said; everybody is some mother’s son. Everybody world-wide,
past and present, who has been affected by war in any way deserves to be respected.
As we reach the 100th anniversary of the Somme may we pay our respects, and
remember those who fought for our country in “one of the
bloodiest battles in human history”, and to those who are still fighting today.