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Billie Robinson for Sister Edie Appleton

Dedicated to Sister Edie Appleton

by Billie Robinson

Edie Appleton is my Great Great Great Aunt and she worked in World War One in France as a nurse and cared for many people and treated them all the same. I chose her because throughout the war she kept a diary and in it she describes what she did everyday, and about the soliders she looked after and the terrible things that went on. My Grandad had those diaries locked away in a cupboard for years and years until he found them again recently and now they’ve been published. She not only writes but also draws pictures of the sea she swam in, and picnics she went on with her friend Sister Maxey. I think she was amazing in the way she found the time to treat each person with proper care, even though there was so many of them coming in all the time. She tried to calm them down. After the war she kept chickens and my grandad would visit her and her chickens.