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Andrew Heron for Albert Edward Hay

Dedicated to Albert Edward Hay

by Andrew Heron

This dedication is as random as war. Albert Hay’s grave in Plymouth Road Cemetery, Redditch, happens to lie close to a path that I use: it’s a noticeable one.

13503 Lance Corporal Hay of the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment was probably a victim of that Battalion’s epic attempt to take Contalmaison during the early days of the Somme offensive. By 19 July the system had got him to Mount Pleasant Hospital, Facit, Rochdale, with shrapnel wounds. On the 25th septic poisoning set in, and he died of lockjaw on the 29th. Having died “at home”, in the military parlance, surely he must have had a real coffin for the journey to his native Redditch rather than the brown army blanket.