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Poppies: Weeping Window at Carlisle Castle

© Stuart Walker/English Heritage

This morning, artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper officially unveiled Poppies: Weeping Window at Carlisle Castle, the sculpture’s second location on the 2018 Poppies tour. Thousands of ceramic poppies cascade from the top of the castle’s keep, arching over the inner ward wall and flowing into the outer ward wall.

Throughout the First World War, Carlisle Castle was the headquarters for the Border Regiment, one of the oldest regiments in the British Army. The castle also provided: a hospital, an HQ for the Volunteer Training Corps and accommodation for the Labour Corps during the war.

The Poppies Tour offers the public the chance to experience the sculptures for free at venues around the UK. From August, Weeping Window can be seen at Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent before moving on to IWM London in October, after which it will become part of the Imperial War Museums’ permanent collection.

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