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Now the Future closes 14-18 NOW programme

An afternoon of future thinking inspired by 14-18 NOW took place on 3 April, gathering artists and policy makers to explore what can be learned from 14-18 NOW.

Speakers included Dr Maria Balshaw (Tate), Dan Snow (Historian and Presenter), Chenine Bhathena (Coventry, UK City of Culture), Jeremy Deller (Artist), Helen Marriage (Artichoke) and many more.

14-18 NOW won trust because it was culturally-led, it wasn't trying to co-opt culture-makers into a govermnent narrative

Sunder Kathwala, British Future

The idea of social spaces is declining and that's why UK-wide culture programmes are important because they are filling those social gaps by creating communities

Cian Smyth, Artistic Advisor to 14-18 NOW

Commemoration has to have some contemporary relevance. We're here because we're here happened the week after the Referendum and people were really upset by it because they were already thinking about sacrifice

Jeremy Deller, artist

An important legacy is the way we have all learnt to empower artists not just to make the past relevant for the present and for the future, but to unlock our emotions as well as our understanding

Jenny Waldman, Director of 14-18 NOW

I passionately believe in this project. This is going to help our students.

Andria Zafirakou, 2018 Global teacher prize winner, on Make Art not War

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