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Danny Boyle launches Pages of the Sea on Facebook Live

This morning we talked to Danny Boyle on Folkestone beach about Pages of the Sea.

Over the course of today on selected beaches around the UK and Ireland, a portrait of an individual from the First World War will emerge from the sand. And then, as the tide rises, be washed away as we take a moment to say a collective thank you and goodbye.

Click here to find out more about Pages of the Sea.

Danny Boyle live from Folkestone

Here is Danny Boyle live on Folkestone beach to introduce #PagesOfTheSea. Crowds are gathering to say goodbye and thank you to the millions of men and women who left their shores during the First World War.Click to subscribe to our full Facebook Live from 2pm today.pagesofthesea.org.uk

Posted by 1418 NOW on Sunday, 11 November 2018

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