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Carol Ann Duffy’s poem released for Pages of the Sea

A new poem by Carol Ann Duffy written to mark the centenary of Armistice Day has been released today. The Wound in Time will be read by individuals, families and communities as they gather on beaches on 11 November and is also available to read online.

Click here to read The Wound in Time.

Danny Boyle said:
“I hope that Carol Ann Duffy’s poem will be something that you’ll read privately as individuals, or with friends, or publicly amongst people on the beach on 11 November. Poetry in First World War was such an extraordinary artform – it reported in the way that television does now on experiences that were unimaginable to the people at home.”

Find out more about the people and stories of the First World War in your area; explore the story of the face being drawn in the sand on your local beach; create poetry and music to be shared on beaches on the day and work with artists and writers to explore the themes of the First World War through poetry and art.

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