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A successful first season – 2014 evaluation report

14-18 NOW had a successful first season. There is evidence of strong impact on the participating organisations in terms of ambition, practice, partnerships, funding and skills.

The impact on audiences has been powerful with many audience members describing a deeper connection with the First World War and strong social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual outcomes with many examples of audience members having experiences that they feel will last a lifetime.

‘Completely extraordinary. Never seen anything like it before. Fascinating, educational, moving and astonishing.After a War attender

In 2014 we delivered 28 projects across the UK, involving 200 partnerships and 750 artists (UK and international).

The projects engaged 19 million people and more than 1,200 volunteers, achieving media coverage valued at £10m.

‘On the day for the public to come, it all came together so well, the atmosphere was magical,inspiring, and very moving.’ Volunteer: 100 The Day Our World Changed

You can read all about our inaugural season in the executive evaluation report summary here.

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