A mesmerising homage to WWI military pigeons opened last night - 14-18 NOW
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A mesmerising homage to WWI military pigeons opened last night


Fly By Night, a transcendent union of public art and nature by artist Duke Riley, which originally premiered in New York City’s Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2016, opened yesterday at dusk in London’s East Thamesmead.

Watch our Facebook live from last night’s performance to experience the glorious spectacle of unprecedented scale and beauty.

Jon Snow (Channel 4 News) met Fly By Night artist Duke Riley to talk about the airborne installation. Watch the clip here.


The public artwork saw over 1500 LED-lit pigeons soar into the night above the River Thames, paying a beautiful homage to some of the First World War’s unsung heroes: the military pigeons that played crucial roles delivering messages between distant personnel.

There are two performances remaining, tonight and tomorrow (22 – 23 June). Book your tickets here.


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