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14-18 NOW wins National Award from Remember WW1

14-18 NOW and Edinburgh Art Festival unveil Every Woman by Ciara Phillips. Photo by Ultra Photography

14-18 NOW is delighted to have received a 2016 National Award from Remember WW1 in the ‘Arts and Creativity’ category for its projects #PoppiesTour, we’re here because we’re here and Dazzle Ships.  We are enormously grateful to all the artists and our partners for their extraordinary work in connecting so many people so powerfully with the centenary of the First World War.

The RWW1 Awards 2016 celebrate the huge effort made already throughout the UK by individuals and groups to commemorate WW1 and give something back to their communities. Through their inspiring stories they mark the effect the war had 100 years ago across all parts of society, and try to create a positive legacy in commemoration.

Find out more here #activecommemoration

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