Tips and 'how to' videos

We workshopped Memorial Ground with a few different choirs over and are very grateful to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra Chorus and Gregory Batsleer, and also to the Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow and their director Frikki Walker for their help.

Gregory and Frikki have both filmed some short videos with their comments and tips about the piece.

On this page you’ll find Gregory’s videos which focus on how to rehearse and prepare the piece – and also on how you can use it as excellent choir training.

Video 1 focuses on how you might go about practising the text of the piece to get its rhythms just right:

Video 2 is about the harmony and ways you can rehearse the chording:

Video 3 focuses on choral blend and refers to the long version of the Memorial Ground Hymn:

Watch Frikki Walker’s videos about preparing the piece for use in a Church Service.

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