"I'm absolutely hooked. I think it's wonderful."

Ursala, St Andrews Chorus

The Idea

Image: Sing Memorial Ground with your choir

Choir Resources

Here you’ll find everything your choir needs to sing Memorial Ground, a new piece of music by the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang.

We are inviting choirs everywhere to consider singing this piece in commemoration of those who gave their lives at the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago – though in fact it is a powerful work for any occasion of remembrance.

First let’s get a taste of the piece. This is a bit of what David calls the ‘Hymn’ – which is the bedrock of the whole thing.

The way Memorial Ground works is that you take that music and you add to it to create a unique act of remembrance. This can be as short or long, as simple or as complicated as you like: the important thing is that you are in charge and can tailor it to your strengths as a choir, your resources, location and context.

Below are links to resources including all the music, audio tracks to help learn the piece and video tips from fellow choir leaders – we hope you enjoy exploring them.

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