Performance Materials

Download the Memorial Ground score here for free – just make sure you add your performance to our map!

Memorial Ground exists in 2 different versions – one shorter and simpler than the other.

Memorial ground 5 minute versionMemorial Ground 2 minute version

You can hear the two different versions here.

Once you have chosen which version to work with you can begin to make it your own. David asks that the ‘hymn’ tune is performed first time through entirely on its own. From verse 2 you can add to it.

What to Add

David has provided a lot of short solo lines to which you can add texts of your own choosing. He has included instructions on the score, but it boils down to this: feel free to adapt the tunes to fit your word rhythms, voice type etc. If you would like some suggestions for how you might go about this why not watch Svend Brown’s short videos about how he worked with them.

If you would rather use some solos with texts already attached, we have also included here the solos that David wrote for the premiere. Feel free to take any of these for you own purposes – the scores are below, and you can see Svend Brown talking about different ways we have experimented with the solos here.

Memorial Ground Premiere SolosThose Who SolosWordless Solos

Remember, you can also add some spoken words – or alternatively you could use David’s solo melodies without words. The best way to discover what works for you is simply to try it.

For some ideas, why not watch Frikki Walker’s videos about how he planned to use the piece as an intercession and as an anthem.

Have you downloaded the Memorial Ground score and lyrics? We would love to know if you are planning on singing it. Email us at:

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“I love the ethereal sound we’re producing”

– Robin, St Andrews Chorus