Using the Solos

We have been workshopping Memorial Ground with different choirs as well as preparing the premiere for East Neuk Festival, so have picked up lots of different ideas and approaches to how you might add texts and solos to customise the piece for yourself.

In these videos, Memorial Ground’s Svend Brown talks about some of those different approaches and shows how words can be used in different ways.

Here’s an introductory overview:

How to combine multiple tunes to set longer texts like poems or short eyewitness accounts:

How to use the more speech-like tunes to add differnet rhythms and pulses in the texture:

Using the names of people on your local war memorial as a text for Memorial Ground:

If you don’t want to find your own texts, here are a couple of other ideas for you which might simplify things:

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“It’s very atmospheric and quite

hypnotic to sing, it becomes quite compelling”

– Alex, Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow