Using Memorial Ground in a Service or Assembly

Many choirs around the world prepare special music for Remembrance Weekend, especially in churches and schools. So we asked Frikki Walker, Director of Music at St Mary’s Cathedral Glasgow, to show us how he might use it in a service or assembly. He has done two different versions below:

First, here is the short (2 minute) version that Frikki has prepared which could be used as an Introit or intercession. He has taken prayers from the Royal British Legion website and added them – spoken – to David’s music:

Frikki also tried out a version in which the organ played all the harmony, and the choir only sang the top line:

In this next video, Frikki talks about the solos and shows how he adds them to the hymns to create a 5 minute long anthem version. We should say that this was prepared and recorded within a single 90 minute rehearsal and recording session, so if you listen through to the end you will see what moving and impressive results can be achieved without needing excessive rehearsal:

David Lang encourages every choir to make the piece their own – and not only for artistic reasons but also to do what it takes to make the piece practical for them. So if you want to add instruments, for example, feel free.

Where will you sing Memorial Ground? Email and let us know.

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