10PM – 11PM, 4 AUGUST 2014

Lights Out
“The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime” Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary, August 1914


Do you represent a building / business / organisation / landmark that could take part in LIGHTS OUT?

The LIGHTS OUT ask is simple but its overall effect will be creative, dramatic and poignant. At 10pm on 4 August 2014, we invite all buildings in the UK to transform their appearance by turning out their lights, leaving a single light visible to the public. The single light left on could be in a number of different forms and can be both simple and creative. If buildings cannot go dark due to health and safety or any other reason, leaving a single light, prominently placed, will be just as inspirational.

Buildings throughout the UK are participating in LIGHTS OUT by leaving single lights on in the following ways:

  • One office desk lamp left on
  • One lit window
  • One lit section of a building
  • One lit section of exterior lighting
  • One lit floor of a building
  • A stairwell light in the centre of a glass building
  • One prominent exterior light or outdoor uplighter
  • An exterior floodlight
  • An isolated letter or bulb in a lit business sign

Some are able to be more ambitious and are projecting light works on to their buildings. Some are inviting members of the public to gather for reflection between 10pm and 11pm.

We cannot accept responsibility for your participation in LIGHTS OUT so please be sensible and please be safe. Safety is paramount. There are many buildings and landmarks that cannot turn all or any of their lights out. LIGHTS OUT is just as much about the single lights as the darkened canvases behind them.

Are you a community leader?

Community leaders throughout the UK are inviting villages and towns to turn their lights out and join at war memorials with single lights.

Some local community groups, arts organisations and places of worship have incorporated LIGHTS OUT in very individual ways, here are just some examples:

  • Royal British Legion volunteers have organised candlelit gathering throughout the UK: To connect with local Royal British Legion volunteers please click here
  • Choir rehearsals will be conducted by candlelight.
  • Local book groups will gather to explore WW1 poetry and literature by candlelight.
  • Arts organisations have invited local artists to engage with LIGHTS OUT by responding with an artwork or performance piece.
  • Performing arts events taking place on 4 August have incorporated a LIGHTS OUT element, for example, concerts or other performances taking place by candlelight, or by incorporating a single light display into the evening’s events.
  • Places of worship from many different faiths are organising special services and gatherings by candlelight for the purpose of reflection.

People can take part in whatever way they chose and with whatever thoughts they have about the moment that Britain joined the First World War one hundred years ago. For families and communities it will be business as usual on 4 August 2014 and therefore the timing of LIGHTS OUT can be flexible. Some LIGHTS OUT moments will happen before 10pm, some will start after 10pm. There is no right or wrong.