Sophie Baird


Dear Sir:

I am writing this letter to thank you for your great bravery and loyalty during the war that led to my freedom. By giving your life for the sake of your country you helped defeat the Germans and ensure us freedom in a safe country free of slavery and corruption. After the British defeated the Germans on 11th November 1918 Britain began to return to normal as a safe place to live and play. Without the immense bravery of you and your comrades this would not have happened and I would be living in a corrupt country ruled by tyrants.

I would also like to assure you that your life was not wasted, though you gave your life, many others were saved because of your sacrifice. You contributed to our country becoming free and for that you will be remembered. You and your friends will never be forgotten for the loyalty that you showed on the battle field. Every 11th of November we will have a silence to remember you and what you did.

Your country is proud of you and we will remember you.

Yours faithfully,

Sophie Baird.