Sascha Konev

Dear Soldier,
Even as brave as you were you ceased to be known. The bravery you showed when defending this country was unlike any other,as you sat through long hours in the muddy and the blood covered trenches. The way you risked your life to protect the great freedom which we have today, for which I commend you.

Sadly no one will know your name not even I. Even though I do not know your name or were your from, it doesn’t matter just the thought of your sacrifice will make me weep. But now I do wish to know. Who you are? And were your from?

As you lie in the dark cold ground, people are celebration the won of the war but inside they area all mourning for the unknown soldier that died for them. At some point in my life I shall join you but for now I thank you for the freedom I received of the endless battle you waged.

Now as you lie in the dark cold ground people are living their lives to their potential with all new technology. The new technology that sadly is not available to you, allows us to contact each other over huge distances and also we can travel to different countries in a manner of hours. As now you lie we do not weep as you sacrificed yourself so selflessly and bravely for our freedom.

Now I will have to say goodbye to the uncle,the brother, the father, the son, the nephew, the cousin and finally to the unknown soldier. I am grateful for your sacrifice as you were brave and selfless and courages in your sacrifice.