Nick Edwards

Dear Unknown Soldier,

Rushed off my feet and overwhelmed by the numbers, days merged, months amalgamated, years inevitably rolled by. In the traditional chasm between two Olympic Games, I collected many million souls.

Throughout, I remained neutral, never passing judgement, dutifully going about my business. I saw the unimaginable; it amazes me what humans do to their own kind. Haste was the key to liberate the brave souls from the wasteland, on which they had fallen.

Only by chance did I hear of your eminence. I was roused from the mundane, but necessary, chore that befalls a passing, to be informed of this project.

So many nameless souls; yours crossed my palm at some point but forgive my ambiguity. Rest assured you embody a populous death toll, thanks to our acquaintance. Though it must be hard being on the muted side of a one way conversation, think of it as one more dutiful gesture for the people you served.

As death personified, I can sympathise with you. Our job and purpose is dictated by the actions of others. I only hope lessons will eventually be learnt and then a change will truly be as good as a rest.

G. Reaper