Mia Shortland


Dear Dad,
Mum told me not to write to you and ask you this but … how are you? My teachers keep on saying you will be back by Christmas but she said that last year and Christmas went by and you’re still not home. I miss you so much…
It is now 1919 and the war has finished, it finished in 1918 so where are you? You need to be home now, we miss you and need you so please come home to us. I am so proud of you to be in the war but I am worried because I don’t know where you are. I wonder if mum knows where you are but she is just not telling me. Mum always keeps things from me!
All of us have heard about an unknown soldier, we went to see it as it could be you but we hope it isn’t as we need you here for us. We also needed somewhere to release our pain. I just wanted to know what you were wearing because the Unknown Soldier was wearing a knitted scarf, lots of layers then over the top was a large black cloak. Is it you? Because me and mum knitted you a scarf. It is hard to know if it is you because we can’t tell what colour the scarf is.
Are you still fighting or are you dead? I am going to be so upset if you are even more upset than I am now wondering where you are.
If you get this letter please send me a letter back so I know if you’re alive or not!
Love you so so much and I am wondering where you are.
Your loving daughter,