Lee Prosser


When I look at you stood on the platform
the hat sat on your head slightly skewed
Your long coat perched on your shoulders
and your long knitted scarf wrapped around your neck
You remind me of Dr. Who

Well the Dr. Who which I knew
With his metal, electronic K9 sidekick
and love for Jelly Babies
Travelling through time in his cobalt blue
Tardis time machine

I will have to explain what Jelly babies are
as they were not created until 1918
These fruit flavoured jellied baby shaped sweets
were manufactured as “peace babies”
to mark the end of the war you are caught in

To mark the end of a war which would last 4 years
and claim the lives of 9 million brave combatants
Like Dr Who plopped into an alien world
Artillery fire and tanks, being your Daleks and Cybermen

I need no Tardis to time travel to see the cold march
of Cybermen and machines and their never ending battles
These images are on my screen everyday
Dr. Who for my son, and the news for me

Your war was supposed to end all wars but it didn’t
On Nov 23rd 1963 when the first Tardis materialised in front of us
A dead president lay in the Whitehouse
The battle of Cha La raged
His displaced young men fighting in an alien land

Maybe if you were Dr. Who you could time skip
And solve wars before they began
with your sonic screwdriver
Jelly babies and faithful sidekick

So that more children can grow up
And reminisce with their children
About the things they loved when they were young
and not having to fear the Daleks and Cybermen