Jeffrey M Cohen


The sad belief that the world has not learnt the lessons of past wars, and that the horrors of the past are being perpetrated in countless countries around the globe. I dedicate it to all peace-loving people around the world.

Jeffrey M Cohen


‘’Letter to an unknown soldier’’
Jeffrey M Cohen

I write to you
In verse and rhyme,
Young warrior felled
Before your time.
For the message
That I pen to you,
As a hymn,
I trust,
You will construe.

A hymn
To heroism,
To a future,
You lived
To secure.

Is the term
To be applied;
For, in truth,
You never died;
You represent
Our nation’s pride
That tyranny
Was denied,
That liberty
Has prevailed –
That causeless hatred
Was derailed.

‘No greater love
Hath any man’ –
You were the instrument
Of His plan.

So, fret not
Your fleeting foray
Into the minefield
Of life and war;
For your immortal spirit,
Within your nation,
Shall endure.

And in those muddy trenches,
Where so many
Met their fate,
An eternal indebtedness,
You’ll ever locate.

For the future and the freedom,
That we now enjoy by right,
Is the legacy you gifted,
With your courage
And your might.

Jeffrey M Cohen

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