Jackson Lee-Jones


I wrote this letter to show that even people of my generation don't always forget the good ones.

Jackson Lee-Jones


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you from quite a way away in a time quite different to your own. It is coming. The greatest and most fearsome times are ahead of you, and so I think you may need a few words to prepare you and keep you in high spirits. I hope these words reach you.

Right now I am looking out of my window on a overcast yet peaceful Sunday morning. This is because of you, and I thank you. However, this is not just because of you. Life, whilst you are living at least, is a team effort, and so I stress to you that if you want to walk through and out of the darkness, you are going to need to remember the importance of good mates and be responsible for each other.

Here in my time we are all very proud of you and the rest of the boys. Not just proud, but indebted to you all. Whatever happens when you finally reach your destination (and there is going to be a lot of uncertainty sticking to you like a second shadow), you must always remember that you are the Men That Went. How brave of you. I’d love to say that it is because of you men that my generation no longer know what War really is, but this is in fact the opposite of the truth. It is however, because of you men that my generation understand War, how terrible it is, how it can change a man (or lady) and why it is so terrible; and hopefully, with this that you have taught us, we can bring about a more peaceful time to the world, some day.

Unfortunately like yourself I have got to run. I will try and be in touch, and I truly do hope that these words reach you because, and try to remember this, when actions fail, there are always words.

Take care chum and be sharp,

Best of Luck

A friend

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