Ellen Macleod


19th of November 1914

Dear Father

Happy Birthday Father. I know you won’t be able to celebrate it over there but I hope you had a nice day of no fighting. We celebrated it here; mother even managed to get some scones from Greta next door and some jam too! It was great , it was so good to taste sugar again.

Everyone here misses you terribly father, the boys miss you especially on Wednesdays when they play football. I miss you too father .I miss our little talks late at night over a cup of tea after the fire and our walks after church on a Sunday. But mother misses you the most. She says she’s fine but we all know she isn’t. I hear her crying at night in her room and she’s stopped going to church. I’m worried about her but I’m sure she’ll be fine after the war is over and you’re back here safe.

I hope you are safe. Are you safe? What’s it like there? Is it cold or hot? It’s beginning to get cold here again. Christmas is close but there’s no decorations anywhere. It’s strange, no one seems happy this year. There’s no Christmas spirit , no trees, no mince pies , no anything. I don’t think the boys notice , John’s asking for a new football, Alexander wants new socks and Jack wants a new book. I don’t want anything this year, I just want you to come home safely.

Mother didn’t want me to write this but I thought you should know, Uncle John was hurt, they’ve started bombing the English houses. He’s okay , he’ll survive, but Auntie Margret is very upset as the doctors say he may not walk again.

But we are all fine here father , you mustn’t worry about us. You just need to think about how to get home safely to us.

Lots of love

Your daughter

Caitlyn x