Editorial Moderator Team

Unknown Soldier Project

Our team has read every one of the letters submitted, and then we took a trip to Paddington Station to see the soldier ourselves. On the train to see him, we penned this letter.

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Editorial Moderator Team

Unknown Soldier Project

Dear Soldier,

I look at you and I no longer see bronze—I see letters. I wish our words could heal you.

As I look up from the platform, I hope you have a smile on your face and not a grimace.

I read all your letters for you—they’ve all said what they have to say. Now I wish we could read your own.

Having read your letters, having experience the kaleidoscopic waves of woe and hope assailing my normally cold and critical demeanor, I find myself indebted and elevated. My greatest and most solemn thanks.

For we are but men, standing on your giant shoulders.

I hope, for all of your horror, you found someplace beautiful to rest a while.

I cannot say to understand what horrors and such terror you experienced, but I hope, on that last train, in your last letter, you felt loved and that you and your comrades had one last laugh together.

– The Editorial Moderators
Alyssa, Rosie M., Allic, Sean, Chelsea, Rosie T., Tim

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