Charlotte Curtis


dedicated to James Wilkinson

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Charlotte Curtis


Dear Unknown Soldier,
It is hard to begin to write to somebody you have never met nor ever will meet, but naturally I have a few questions like, where were you from? Were you loved by someone? What colour were your eyes? I always like to look at people’s eyes, you may find this strange but they fascinate me, they tell me peoples story’s at one glance, I wonder what your eyes would have told me?

This morning when I woke something felt different, there was an eerie silence outside my window where the birds would usually call, whilst walking through town on my way to the station everything was quiet, it was as if my town had taken a vow of silence to mark this day. Today is the 4th august 2014, and 100 years since the start of the war.

You may wonder why I am writing to you. Today I learned that a man called James Wilkinson used to live in my house many years ago, he left for the war and sadly didn’t come back. To think that we have shared the same walls connects me to him in a way. He, and many others had their lives stolen from them, I am writing this letter to ensure that you know you have my deepest respects and that I will never forget you as well as the others, so long as I live.

It makes me ashamed knowing how many potential artists, inventors, poets, fathers and sons were stolen by the war. In some parts of the world today people are still fighting over politics, power and shear ignorance. You would have thought we would have learnt our lesson after the first war and the second? How many more wars will there have to be for everyone to be satisfied with what they have? How much peace can come from our conflict in the end? I wish I could take people to the stars, make them look down at the earth and say “look at that, that is what you are fighting for, that piece of rock” to recognise how precious life is.

I fear oblivion, of leaving the world without making a mark or making the world a better place in some way or another. You my friend needn’t ever fear it, you have made your contribution and sacrifice for your country and in return have stamped your existence into history. You have given us the ultimate gift of freedom, and for this we are eternally grateful.

I know that over 20,000 letters have been written to you so far, it makes me sad that you will not get the oppertunity to read them, and that none of us will ever receive a reply. Yet, how magical is it that 20,000 people have remembered you and will keep you in their thoughts tonight. I wish I could have known you, I hope wherever you are you are now at peace.

Goodnight, god bless,
Charlotte Curtis.

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