Angela James


To all of those who fell

Angela James



We can never comprehend
How many lost their lives
Your flame of life snuffed out
By the sheer mindlessnes of war

A whole generation gone
Never to return
What did you ever do?
To deserve what fate had in store

Like pawns in a chess game
You were played until the end
Never quite sure who’s
Pulling all the strings

One by one you fell
For god, king and country
Never knowing if your sacrifice
Was to mean anything at all

Every year we honour
All of you who fought in the war
Never truly understanding
What you went through at all

Seeing your comrades die
Wondering if you’re next
Facing the enemy head on
Feels like the final test

Honour bound and dutiful
Following orders until the end
Knowing that you might not
Live to see another day

So we thank all you soldiers
For stepping up to fight
We will always remember
The sacrifice you made

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