Andrew Mackay

10th January 1918

Dear Father
It’s almost been six months that you’ve been away for. Nothing has been the same without you. Christmas day wasn’t the same. I got lots of gifts that were very good. On my Christmas list, I asked for you to come back home. I hope you got the gift that we sent you. We sent you some of grandmas’ birthday cake. I hope it still tasted good. I have been so worried because there has been terrible news in the paper and I was really worried in case anything had happened to you.

Mother looks very sad all of the time. She is missing you a lot. I have been helping mum around the house. She takes me to the train station every night at 6 o’clock hoping to see you coming off the train. Most of my friend’s fathers have returned home now but not you. I ask mother all the time if you are still alive and she says yes, but I always hear her crying in her bed at night.

I hope you will be home soon. I want to see you stepped off the train so that I can run over to you huge you and never let go. Even if you never come home, you will always be with me, by my side and in my heart. You will never ever be forgotten. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

With Love from your son