Aimée Kilby


mrs vesey

Aimée Kilby


Dear dad,
I am writing to you to remind you that I love you and miss you dearly.

I wish you never went away regardless of you fighting for my freedom. Mum cries every night knowing that tonight could be your last night on earth. I try not to cry but it’s too hard. We had your favourite dinner tonight and I ate it all up even though I don’t like carrots.

Your picture is with me constantly so I know you’re with me whatever I do. I learnt how to knit this week, so mum and I made a scarf to keep your warm whilst you’re in the damp dark trenches. Before we have our dinner we sometimes run a bath and leave a seat at the table just in case you come home.

Nana always talks about you and she always tells me how much we look alike. There are no pictures off your brothers in her front room anymore there all off you and when she has her friends around for afternoon tea they all say that you are a fine handsome chap and they wish men like you were around when they were young.

I feel sad that you have to fight in the cold, rain and exhausting heat all the time. I’m very proud of you daddy because you are really good at you job even though you don’t get time off to come see your family.

I know you miss me and I know you love me, mum tells me all the time. I am very proud to say you are my dad and you’re serving my country. I know that you will survive it daddy because you’re my hero.

I hope my letters inspire you to keep fighting through this terrible war. I look forward to seeing you at the station with all of the other daddy’s in one piece. And I hope I can carry on writing to you as often as I am now.

Goodbye daddy lots of love.
P.S I hope you enjoy your scarf.

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