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Hull Maritime Museum

The digital workshops were excellent; engaging local children with the significance of the Poppies sculpture and developing their understanding about its representation of the First World War both nationally and locally

Zoe Martin, Heritage Learning Education Programme Developer, Hull Museums

Participating Schools

Hedon Primary School

“Year 5 attended the digital workshop this week and I’m not sure I can capture just how amazing the experience was! By the end of the day they had planned, written, filmed and edited a fantastic documentary about the Poppies: Weeping Window. Without a doubt one of the best school visits I have been on in 12 years of teaching!”

Withernsea High School

“The workshop today has really exceeded mine and the students’ expectations. The hands on approach really built up their confidence and they enjoyed being treated professionally and maturely. The fact that they didn’t want to leave shows how much they enjoyed it.”