Friendship - 14-18 NOW


The resource has influenced me to teach the first world war differently, I think I will look more at the human side of war rather than just facts and figures.

History Teacher, Ditton Park Academy, Slough

Challenge students to look beyond the battlefield and explore the importance of friendship in war with these lesson plans.

Friendship Lessons

Photo of WWI soldiers


Challenge your students with contemporary texts and broaden their understanding of this global conflict.

Photo of WWI soldiers


Sample KS3 History lesson (S1 & S2 in Scotland) exploring how friendship boosted moral in battle and behind the front line.

Photo of WWI soldiers


Analyse examples of friendship behind the front line and discuss how the values shown can help deal with personal challenges today.

Transformed by WingNut Films with Peter Jackson from original material courtesy of the Trustees of Imperial War Museums © IWM



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