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They Shall Not Grow Old by Peter Jackson

We’ve made a movie to show the human experience of the First World War... I hope it will give students a real sense of what it was like.

Peter Jackson Director

The First World War was the first major conflict to be captured on film. The public flocked to watch footage from the battlefields: one 1916 wartime documentary was seen in cinemas by an estimated 20 million people in just six weeks. Now, 100 years later, Peter Jackson’s extraordinary film brings the war back to life, using the latest digital technology to render this footage in HD colour. 14-18 NOW is delighted to be working with this exceptional director on the film, which we hope will open new perspectives on the war.

Explore the First World War through a new lens with these KS3 (S1 & S2) teaching resources. They contain exclusive clips, images and audio from They Shall Not Grow Old. Choose from three cross curricular themes of friendship, impact and reconciliation. The English, History and PSHE /PSE/ lessons are designed to promote discussion and debate about the First World War. Create your own teaching resources using the clips, images, sources and transcripts in the learning toolkit.




Challenge students to look beyond the battlefield and explore the importance of friendship in war through these lesson plans.

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Give students a new insight into the impact of war on the everyday lives of soldiers and their families with these lesson plans.

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Use these classroom activities to help students discover how attitudes and systems were affected by the end of the war.

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Photo of WWI soldiers


Share challenging texts with students and help them to broaden their understanding of this global conflict.

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Photo of WWI soldiers


Explore primary and secondary sources and allow students to make personal connections to the events of 100 years ago.

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Photo of WWI soldiers


Promote discussion around the values of tolerance and respect, and help students explore the human side of war.

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Transformed by WingNut Films with Peter Jackson from original material courtesy of the Trustees of Imperial War Museums © IWM



With special thanks to Matthew & Sian Westerman with additional support from Tim Bunting, Jacqueline & Richard Worswick and one anonymous donor.