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WWI era photo of women crying

Questions and Emotions Grids

The Questions and Emotions Grids provide a starting point for tackling questions about the human cost of war, the impact on communities, lives lost and lessons learnt. The grids aim to develop language and comprehension skills, and to encourage discussions about the implications of the First World War in the 21st Century.

These grids are used throughout the learning resources, download them and share with your pupils as you deliver the lessons.

WWI soldier

Pages of the Sea

Research the stories of local men and women who served in the First World War. Develop pupil understanding about the human experiences by utilising the linked lesson plans in the pack.

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WWI era photo of men in leg braces

Image Gallery and Glossary

Access our image bank and download archive materials to support learning in the classroom. You can also download the glossary to help students navigate some of the lessons in the resource pack.

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WWI era photo of a burial

Additional Resources for Teachers

These supporting materials for teachers which can be used in conjunction with 14-18 NOW resources to deepen the learning experience for students.

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