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Image Gallery and Glossary

Throughout the pack you will see archive images that reflect the experiences of people across the Nations as the First World War came to an end.

Encourage your students to reflect on the images of 100 years ago and those from the present day. Ask them to question how and why we still remember people who’s lives were lost or changed as a result of this global conflict.

Download and share with your pupils as a starting point for discussions using the lesson plans in the pack.

WWI era photo of a procession along a path

A Soldier’s Farewell

Linked activity PG. 17 in pack

WWI remembrance ceremony

National Moments

Linked activity PG. 21 in pack

WWI era portrait photo of unknown soldier

A Soldier’s Story

Linked activity PG. 40 in pack

WWI metal face monument

A Place for Reflection

Linked activity PG. 43 in pack

WWI era photo of soldiers celebrating on a truck


A list of useful terms and links to help you navigate some of the lesson plans in the pack with your pupils.

WWI soldier

Pages of the Sea

Research the stories of local men and women who served in the First World War. Develop pupil understanding about the human experiences by utilising the linked lesson plans in the pack.

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WWI era photo of women crying

Questions and Emotions Grid

Challenging questions are critical for exploring and interrogating topical and/or controversial issues. Download and use these grids with your pupils to encourage conversations about the implications of the First World War.

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WWI era photo of a burial

Additional Resources for Teachers

These supporting materials for teachers which can be used in conjunction with 14-18 NOW resources to deepen the learning experience for students.

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