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The Body Extended: Sculpture and Prosthetics

Serlby Park Academy

“The Body Extended Project has given the pupils a wonderful chance to explore and create across three subject areas. The group thoroughly enjoyed working as a large team, with artists and have taken great pride in producing something which will be displayed in our school and in the newspaper.”
L. Seagrave, Art Teacher

Staff from Serlby Park attended the Teachers CPD delivered as part of this project and were encouraged by the rich learning outcomes that can come about though using art to engage their students.

Teachers engaged with a visual artist and poet to encourage their students to further their understanding around the themes of the exhibition and pupils worked in groups to produce a collaborative response to The Body Extended: Sculpture and Prosthetics exhibition.

This approach provided a new way of working to further pupils understanding of the First World War, and enhanced work undertaken in their History and English lessons.

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Learning Resources

Cross-curricular toolkits were developed to support both the Poppies Tour and 14-18 NOW commissions.