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14–18 NOW Commissions

The Body Extended: Sculpture and Prosthetics

Ralph Thoresby School

“It has been exciting to watch students explore new ways of working which are now infusing their individual thought processes. This would not have happened without this project and we are really pleased to be sharing the outcomes of a rewarding and productive collaboration with the wider public.”

Stuart Knight, Art Teacher

Students used the mediums of art and poetry to respond to the demands and challenges presented by the themes of the exhibition.

The inspiring subject matter prompted rich discussions, covering areas as disparate as social media and war, linking their personal experience to a global conflict 100 years ago.

With the help of a professional poet, students were able to expand their personal writing styles, producing powerful work through high-level discussion and gaining confidence through the creative process.

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Learning Resources

Cross-curricular toolkits were developed to support both the Poppies Tour and 14-18 NOW commissions.