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14–18 NOW Commissions

The Body Extended: Sculpture and Prosthetics

Prince Henry’s Grammar

‘’We are pleased to present the works to the school and people across Leeds through inclusion in the arts newspaper and we are very proud of the commitment that our students have shown to this body of work. Our intention is to exhibit these sculptures locally and nationally throughout the year’.

Art Teacher

Sixth form fine art students worked with a Jim, a kinetic sculptor, to create a series of mixed media sculptural assemblages, paying homage to the many lives lost in the First World War.

Students built a selection of body parts using a mixture of found objects, ceramics and plaster.   They embarked on a journey of expression, imagination and creativity, manipulating the materials under specialist tuition in order to investigate ways in which you can adapt and enhance the human form.

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14–18 NOW

Learning Resources

Cross-curricular toolkits were developed to support both the Poppies Tour and 14-18 NOW commissions.