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14–18 NOW Commissions

The Body Extended: Sculpture and Prosthetics

Allerton Grange

Boys from years 8 and 9 worked with Kinetic Sculptor, Jim Bond, to investigate how prosthetics were developed at the beginning of the Twentieth Century to help soldiers after losing their limbs.

In preparation for their workshops, Teachers used the CPD toolkit to shine a light on the exhibition and highlight many of the issues faced by wounded soldiers. They looked at the potential of prosthetic enhancement and how a disability can be compensated for, especially with evolving technologies. They considered how close they are to science fiction, and were inspired by the ways science has given almost super human potential to people who have suffered injuries.

The hands on nature of the workshops enabled pupils to engage with challenging subject matter through the medium of art.

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Cross-curricular toolkits were developed to support both the Poppies Tour and 14-18 NOW commissions.