Fashion & Freedom

Manchester Art Gallery



Nylon, polyester 2015

Wheiman Leong

BA Hons Fashion Design

“The net skirt incorporates faded flowers in white, brown and yellow – trying to liberate themselves from the pleats, striving for freedom.”

Pendulum takes its inspirations from the traditional trench coat; a classic in fashion today, with roots in the military standard issue of the First World War. The design investigates notions of Restriction / Release simultaneously, through the pleating, draping and choice of hardware details. The design exposes the shoulder and arm to represent the liberation of women through voting rights. Pendulum also draws inspiration from German artist Anselm Kiefer who explores themes of war and its aftermath. Pendulum was directly inspired by his sculpture Sprache der Vögel (Language of the Birds) 1989 that portrays a stack of books with wide-open wings – reminiscent of imperfect pleats.

Wheiman Leong, Pendulum 2015
Photography: Layla Sailor

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