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Cotton, leather, neoprene, powermesh 2016

Sarah Curtis

BA Hons Fashion Design

“I began my research by visiting my local training grounds and speaking to young female footballers today to start to understand all aspects of the game.”

The inspiration for this piece came from the extraordinary story of how women played football to stay fit while undertaking strenuous jobs in munitions factories during the First World War. Playing during their lunch hour, the munitionettes formed their own teams and competed, socialising and keeping their spirits high. Record–breaking player Lily Parr, who scored over 1,000 goals, served as the muse for Curtis’ design. The pioneering, strong and active women of Parr’s team, Dick Kerr and the Ladies, inspired the use of fabrics and shapes that transform with movement, incorporating the symbols, colours and textures of conventional football kits.

Sarah Curtis, Outlaws 2016
Photography: Layla Sailor

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