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Manchester Art Gallery


The Caged Canary

Silk crepe, aluminium 2016

Revekka Georgiadou

BA Hons Fashion Design

“I wanted to evoke the munitionettes’ feelings of embarrassment… designing garments that restrict the body from moving freely but also creating an exaggerated silhouette echoing the environment of the factories and shapes of the bullet shells.”

In her research, Georgiadou consulted testimonials from the women who worked in munitions factories, and her design is a tribute to their story. The women workers were nicknamed munitionettes, but also canaries – because the chemical exposure they suffered while preparing bullet shells discoloured the skin, turning their hands yellow. The choice of colours, materials and silhouette in this design are all symbolic tributes to the female war workers.

Revekka Georgiadou The Caged Canary 2016
Photography: Layla Sailor

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