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Roll’em Girls!

Cotton sateen, nylon 2016

Rebecca Lawton

BA Hons Fashion Design

“My colour palette was inspired by the stockings and tights of the post-First World War period. I found it interesting that women did not always wear just ordinary nude or black but also pastel coloured stockings…”

Rebecca Lawton’s work took its inspiration from the idea of exposure, in contrast to the bodily taboos that have historically governed women’s dress and behaviour. After reading a magazine article, written just after the First World War, that encouraged women to roll their stockings down and reveal their knees, Lawton reflected on changing attitudes towards body exposure in female fashion. Inspired by the daring women who embraced the rolled stocking and even, on occasion, decorated their knees, she used embroidery rings to frame the formerly hidden body parts – referencing both female rebellion and the domestic practice of embroidery.

Rebecca Lawton, Roll'em Girls! 2016
Photography: Layla Sailor

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