Fashion & Freedom

Manchester Art Gallery


BA Hons Fashion Concepts and Communications

Olivia Johnson
Alice Lambert Hallam
Gina Mason
Ben Renshaw
Photography Assistant:
Jenny Briggs
Matilda Wilson
Hair and Make-Up:
Emily Richardson


“We chose our location to reflect women’s struggle for equality – towards having more career and educational opportunities. For us the library represented a woman’s right to a better education.”

This photo essay traces the changing silhouette of women’s fashion during and after the First World War. The progression shows the cumbersome crinoline being stripped away, creating a new silhouette. This demonstrates how women’s clothing became more practical as they took on physically challenging jobs during the war. The poses of the model also evolve from tenseness and control to more relaxed shapes, symbolising social freedoms.

Olivia Johnson, Alice Lambert Hallam, Gina Mason
Release 2016. Photography: Layla Sailor

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