Fashion & Freedom

Manchester Art Gallery



Cotton canvas, leather, metal 2015

Morgane Davies

BA Hons Fashion Design

“I researched all sorts of military backpack shapes and was fascinated by the amount of detail that could be found on them, from stitching to pocket bags, eyelets, straps and strings.”

Morgane Davies’ piece takes inspiration from the First World War soldier’s kit, which was a mobile but cumbersome survival tool. Associating this image with that of street vendors overburdened with heavy loads, she researched ways of designing a piece that would reference the experience of the soldier. The final piece resulted from an obsessive study of the functional details on army-issue backpacks. The effect is of something that appears overloaded but offers a poetic fashion interpretation of the notion of soldiers carrying their whole lives on their back.

Morgane Davies, Carrying 2015
Photography: Layla Sailor

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